Family Dentistry Affordable Dentist in Birmingham, MI Restorative Dentistry Birmingham Dental dentist in Birmingham MIYou and your family deserve the best family dental care available in Birmingham. We provide family dentistry, which means we can take care of all of your dental needs in one place. We specialize in helping kids and teens develop strong, healthy, beautiful teeth – so their smiles will last a lifetime.


What is a Family Dentist?

A family dentist is, in essence, a dental practitioner who will treat patients of all ages – from babies who have had their first tooth pop-up, young children who are afraid of sitting in the dentist chair, to adults who need regular checkups. Family dentistry provides a wide variety of treatments, from cleaning to checkups, examinations to sealants, and everything in between.


What are the Benefits of Family Dentistry in Birmingham?

We know finding a new dentist can be challenging. We invite you to come in, meet the team, and see what we can do for your smile. 

Children and teens typically require the most dental work. We specialize in helping develop excellent dental health and prevent problems as your child’s teeth grow. 

We are also experts in multiple dental specialties, including general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, and preventative dentistry. No matter the dental need of any family member, we have you covered. You no longer need to drive all over town visiting different dental offices for different family member treatments. We are your family dental “one-stop-shop.”

Plus, you’ll appreciate our convenient location and hours. We are open later on some weekdays to accommodate busy families’ busy schedules. We want to make it easy for you to get the dental care your entire family needs – when they need it. 


Family Dentistry Educates Your Children About Dentistry

Having your children start seeing a dentist at a young age will help them get comfortable going to the dentist. Starting at an early age will help eliminate phobias or anxieties. As family dental specialists, we are highly trained and experienced in working with children. We have special techniques to help children understand dentistry and the importance of having regular checkups. We are fantastic at assisting children in relaxing and even enjoying their dental appointments. 


Family Dentistry Forms Long-Lasting Relationships

At Birmingham Dental, you become a member of our “Dental Family.” You deserve better than a dentist who makes you feel like a number and forces you into procedures you don’t need. That’s why we offer family dentistry – so every member of your family can get the dental care they need from someone they know and trust without feeling uncomfortable or rushed.

Going to the same dental office from a young age through adulthood allows you to build a long-lasting relationship with the office and the doctors. Dr. Coburn, Dr. Sgalia, and the Birmingham Dental team get to know you and your dental history, which allows them to provide customized care to you when you need it. Especially in an emergency, it’s important to have a dentist who knows your history and one you can trust. 


Family Dentistry Provides Affordable Dental Care

Family dentistry is often more affordable than individual dental care. This means that you can receive quality care without breaking the bank.


The Best Family Dentistry in Birmingham

You deserve a beautiful smile that makes you feel confident every day. We want to help make that happen for you and your loved ones. Our team of specialists is passionate about helping families develop strong, healthy teeth that will last them a lifetime.

At Birmingham Dental, we provide family dentistry care to many families in Birmingham, Michigan. To book an appointment, call us on (248)-648-3010, email us at, or fill out our contact form.

We think you’ll love our family-oriented approach to dentistry.